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About Us

We are ‘Passionate about sustaining, upgrading, and improving means of safety. We serve the customers from the core of inner inspiration that we are brought & born for kind help and service. Gurans Agni Rakshya has worked in both the private and government sectors as well as Hotel, Hospital. Bank. Manufacturing Plants and Residential Buildings and other Project.

We promise Quality Service through quality Equipment and Staff, who were far-long experience in the field of safety Engineering in a foreign land. Agni Rakshya is a team of people who were highly experienced in Construction, Engineering, and safety along with this management, we have hired Engineers of Interim Decoration, Civil engineers, and Electrical engineers. Making Annual Calendar we attend our staff to the various Training, Seminar, and workshop For positive Work-ethic and to make them responsible for professional duties, we motivate them and work together.

During the time of installation, we were concerned with the National and International norms and values, building construction criteria, the theme of Interim decoration, and safety engineering. We work under the responsibility of damage and disruption while working or performing duty. All charges and fees will be written on contract paper and promise not to claim any hidden charges. After the installation, we will be responsible for a timely checkup, maintenance of that safety system and equipment.

Out Motto

We are determined to stay ahead in the competitive market and serve our customers hassle free services in the business market. We are also committed to give better quality standard fire protection products. Geared with modern technology and backed by an excellent team of experienced professionals, we also aim to provide total customer satisfaction.

Our Security

We are backed by a stable infrastructure, comprising of state-of-the-art equipments and efficient and motivated employees. These are the pillar of strength of our corporate entity, which pave the way for our growth and success.

Our Quality Assurance

Our quality control personnel also run quality checks and rigorously examine the performance, durability and features of products as a whole. Implementing the best quality standards, we also maintain all the records of material stage wise inspection, design changes if any along with dispatch release notes.

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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.

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